DIY bike-lane parking tickets

BikesnobNYC had a recent post about his commute through Brooklyn, with many photos of people parked in the bike lane (which he was trying, y’know, to use).

This ‘official’ fella didn’t come out on film, but through the Magic of Computer Enhancement appears to be a big ape.

Commentors suggested getting the police to ticket bike lane parkers. Or stickering their cars.

Or… two great tastes that taste great together… put your own ticket on those cars and see how many people mail $115 checks to BSNYC. Of course, I’m so far behind the curve it’s sick-making. Ah well… never stopped me before!

Get the parking ticket PDF file, change the address and go to town!
Don’t forget the envelope!

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4 thoughts on “DIY bike-lane parking tickets”

  1. They were apparently removed "for violations of the terms of service," but I was never contacted about it, and the specific term was never enunciated.
    I'll see if I can put them back up somewhere, but they were probably on the dead computer.

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