Custom high-rise stems

My riding yesterday up in the woods showed me just how poor my fitness and bike handling skills have become. Rather than inspire me to ride more, it made me want a custom stem to put the midge drop bars a little higher and closer! Specifically, a 52 x 180 stem like the one illustrated below.

BikeCAD drawing courtesy M. Whitmore

Anyway, instead of riding this morning, I researched custom stems.
Vanilla, Sycip, et al. seem to only make stems for their custom frame orders. MAP cycles (one of my favorite Portland builders) will do a custom $325 stem. Ahearne will do a fillet brazed stem starting at $275.

It looks like the bargainz are the $135 stem ($165 with removable face plate) from Rex Cycles, a possible $175 Rock Lobster (a good match for a Bontrager, I think), and Willits’, $150 Scorcher stem. Wes Williams has made hundreds of super-high-rise stems for exactly this purpose.

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10 thoughts on “Custom high-rise stems”

  1. Can8 – How did I miss this comment for four months?!
    The stem extender actually works great. I put on a shorter stem, and the fit is pretty dialed.

    I also talked to Winter Bicycles about making a custom LD or high-rise stem. When the money and priorities come together, I'll get one from him. $200 – $250, depending on the style.

  2. Thanks, KBVelo. It's a great bike, and I may actually go back to the original bars. The tee shirt keeps getting retired, and then I pull it out of the rag pile before it gets gunked up.

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