GLOW in the dark OURYS!

GLOW in the dark OURYS!, originally uploaded by twotone666.

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sonofson: What, are you EIGHT?

Sorry. Earlier today my tolerance for my generation’s hard-on for the trappings of childhood hit its limit. Spawn dolls aren’t cool. Murakami isn’t cool. Glow in the dark grips ARE cool… until you’re 14.

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2 thoughts on “GLOW in the dark OURYS!”

  1. You know what…. I don’t care what anyone says, glow in the dark stuff is cool. Yesterday I got a magazine in the mail that had glow-in-the-dark ink on the cover. It was like I was 5 years old. I ran to the closet to see how it looked in the dark.

    That never gets old…

  2. I agree – glow in the dark is rad. hyperventilating about it in public is a little childish, though.
    I used to have some glow in the dark screenprinting ink, but I think it had to be cured especially well or it would just wash out.

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