Find bikes on Craigslist

update: it’s better to search in the /bik section of Craigslist. Craigslist seems pretty consistent there, which is aweseome. That way you can search for “Bridgestone,” without getting tires. bridgestone

I use Google’s site search a lot. It’s especially good for big, distributed sites like Craigslist. You can search across all Craigslists in all cities for whatever you think you might pay to have shipped.

Killer old mountain bikes, maybe.

The syntax is “” “search terms”

So: looking for a $150 Bontrager Privateer (they were an amazing bargain at 10x the price 10 years ago)? bontrager privateer

A Bridgestone MB-something? bridgestone mb

Copy and paste the link, because WordPress hates linking to a string like that. It just won’t.

Stupid stupid blog creature!

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