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mcminnville velomobile, originally uploaded by BikeTinker.

I saw this fully faired bike at Tommy’s, when the builder brought it to show off to Mike. This is a local, homebuilt velomobile, built around a tadpole trike. It has an electric assist, regenerative braking, and GPS. The interior shot shows his waterbottle, pump, dashboard and instrumentation.

The raised portion behind the driver’s head hinges up to access the trunk (a storage box). Think how much stuff you could fit inside that shell with some well-placed packs!

The only improvement I’d imagine would be fenders on the wheels, so they didn’t throw road spray up inside the machine. Might not be a problem in practice, but this is Oregon…

The whole shell was made of pink foam, cut into shape and glued. You can see some of that in the picture of the inside of the trunk lid.

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2 thoughts on “local velomobile”

  1. My dad and I are building our own velomobile. We would like to come check out your velomobile and ask you a few questions. Please call me or email me or my dad. My dads email is countryk9@starband.net . We have a trike and are just getting started on our body.

  2. Hi Kyle. This isn’t my velomobile – it’s around town, though. I’ll ask Pat at Tommy’s if he knows whose this is, and if you can come see it. (Are you the Kyle I know?)

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