Onya Cycles “Front-End Loader”

Cold Iron says: “A leaning trike with three wheels on the ground. Not possible with other cargo trikes. Stable like a three-wheeler (because it is), maneuverable like a two-wheeler. Very cool.”

Cool? Or super-cool? How do they do it??

Onya Cycles in San Francisco… says they’re ramping up production of these leanable trikes. And they appear to be affiliated with these geniuses who can turn a 3D structure into a set of flat, stitchable (able to be sewn together) panels for hot air ballons and the like. OtherLab. Holy Cow these guys are cool: HowToons.

The machine itself was fabbed (bike lingo for ‘made’) by Joel Hirschfeld at Hirschfeld Fabrications.

Well color me impressed.

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2 thoughts on “Onya Cycles “Front-End Loader””

  1. This is so random, I actually saw the top half of this bike in the bed of truck on the 880 on monday or tuesday and I was wondering what the heck it was. Pretty neat design.

  2. So random, I saw the top half of this bike the back of a truck on the 880 earlier this week and wondered what the heck it was. Pretty cool design.

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