soft soled shoe on an Eggbeater for 35 miles over gravel

Extremo pedal – the Very Large Deck platform pedal

You can buy these from me for $25/per pair, shipped, withOUT cleats. They’re drilled for Eggbeaters, which works for SPDs as well. Email me your request at

These are the biggest. For riding 10 minutes to work, I thought they were silly, but for hauling four hours over 35 miles of gravel, they worked great. The shoes are extremely flexible Borns, very soft and comfortable. I huffed and I puffed, but my feet held up great.

They are marked R and L, but the R is on the left, and the L is on the right. What looks best isn’t always what feels best. These don’t seem that big in comparison to my size 12 feet, either. Maybe I should make an even larger pair , and call them the “molto extremo.” Maybe use an entire skateboard for each pedal.

The whole point of these pedal platforms is so you can ride to the store on the same pedals you race cross in, but it’s gotten so I just like riding on such a big grippy surface that I’ve gone a little nuts.

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5 thoughts on “Extremo pedal – the Very Large Deck platform pedal”

  1. Can you leave the platform attached to one side of the eggbeater and still use the otherside for clipping in?

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