gloveless fingers – bike gloves

It was frosty cold this morning, and the backs and tips of my fingers and thumbs hurt like crazy on the bike.

Finger Warmers!

Really painful, and my right thumb still feels burnt. So I’m going to make some reverse-o bike gloves with just the fingers and thumb. An elastic strip will connect the thumb and pinkie together, and each finger-end will have a short section of elastic connecting to the next one.

Soon to be all the rage. You saw it here first!

Yes, this is kind of a joke, but it’s a lot like short sleeve jerseys and arm warmers, right? Fingerless bike gloves… and finger warmers! Shorts and knee warmers. Those weird sock-shoes with the toes built in…

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2 thoughts on “gloveless fingers – bike gloves”

  1. Do you know of any company that actually sells gloveless finger warmers? I’m desperate for this type of product for winter. Thanks so much.

  2. I was emailed by someone who wanted my permission to bring this idea to market. I’ll follow up with him to see what’s become of the idea. (I said, “Sure,” of course, and “send me a sample.”)

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