Tapebubba’s Grip King pedal mod

My RBW list (and etsy) friend TapeBubba modified his Rivendell/MKS Grip King pedals to have more lateral support. Watch the video and see how he does it.

I think it’s a great hack. I’ve had that ‘roll off the side of the pedal’ feeling myself, and my feet are fairly narrow.

He removes the cage pieces from the pedal, makes a U out of aluminum strap to go around the body of the pedal. The bottom of the U makes an outside edge for the pedal, and the cage pieces are screwed back on, sandwiching the strap in place.

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3 thoughts on “Tapebubba’s Grip King pedal mod”

  1. Very nice. I’m tempted to give my MKS “Lambda” pedals, which by most accounts are non-Rivendell branded equal, the same treatment. My only advice would be to leave the bar stock full-length until it’s bent for better leverage, but that’s trivial. For all I know, he scratched his head and did the second one that way anyway. Thanks for the great blog.

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