pw drawing of cobra tire tool

“Cobra” tire tool

I just saw this new tire tool on Google+. You hook the little bit under the bead of the tire, hook the big hook over your fork or chainstay and turn the wheel backwards. I usually pop my Pedro’s tool under the bead and shear it off the rim like carving bark off a stick. Same principal, I guess.

pw drawing of cobra tire tool

It looks good, and I’m in favor of anyone devising new tools, but I usually have trouble MOUNTING tires. That’s where all my tire levers go – into two pieces putting the current tires on Angelina’s old Steyr. When there’s a Cobra tool that can zip the bead back on, I’m buying one. $5.99 each, free shipping for two. Let me know how they work out for you.


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4 thoughts on ““Cobra” tire tool”

  1. P.S. As for what makes the Cobra Tire Tool unique? The head of the tool has 3 uniqely designed facits that allow the tire bead to be demounted from the rim by minimizing surface friction points. Also, the unique method of attaching the tool to the frame or fork allows the user to easily rotate the tire and generate sufficient force (thru leverage) to spin the tire of the rim.

    A big plus to the tool is that riders who no longer possess the hand / arm strenght to manually pry a tire off the rim, can now perform the work with minimal effort.

    If you have’nt viewed the website, you can watch 3 videos there showing the tool in action.

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  2. Hi Jim, thanks for commenting, and I’m looking forward to the new mounting tool! Thanks for pointing out the friction-reducing facets; as I was stripping the tire off a rim yesterday with a normal Trek lever, I was thinking “I don’t know that I’d want to do this 100 times to the same tire.”

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