LED replacement light genius

This is such a good idea. I’m impressed.

On his blog, Jan announced the availability of new red LED lights you can screw right into a vintage taillight. Old-style screw mount, new-style LED light, with no rewiring. Wow.

LED light, vintage mount paintingRather than remove the vintage taillight internals and carefully repack the light with modern LED taillight electronics, you simply screw in the new bulb and ride away. It even includes a standlight function, build into the screw mount.

Buy one from Compass Cycles – they’re $20.

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2 thoughts on “LED replacement light genius”

  1. It’s an exciting project, but why is this LED red? It makes little sense to put a red LED inside a red lens….?!?!

    1. Someone else asked that on Jan’s blog. I assumed the red ones are cheaper, but that might not be true.
      Are you thinking a white bulb would make a brighter taillight, or do you want to use them for other applications?
      If the bulb is behind a red lens, red makes as much sense as white to me.

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