old-timey oil can far superior to tall tippy bottles

one of these bottle designs is a good idea…

old-timey oil can far superior to tall tippy bottlesMy tall bottles of bike oil (TriFlow, Pedro’s, ProLink, whatever) can usually be found tipped over in a pool of expensive oil.

This little oilcan I got at a thrift store has never tipped over. It looks like they run about $10 each on eBay, which is a pretty good deal if you count all the $5 bottles of oil I’ve wasted!

This one I fill up with synthetic motor oil – whatever’s left in the cans after an oil change.

If I were an industrial designer… I would package my oils in short, squat little bottles shaped more like these old oilers. They were designed like that for a reason.

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2 thoughts on “one of these bottle designs is a good idea…”

  1. Curse those Pedros bottles! I got a free bottle of their eco-lube or whatever at a bike event once and I felt like I was trolled. It has oiled up my workbench or papers on multiple occasions. I must be an optimist though since the bottle is always more than half full it seems.

    My variety of bike lubes/solvents/greases/oils/glues reached critical mass though and I modified my tool bench with a “Lube Trough’ last winter.

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