watercolor reference for small carradice bags

Relative sizes of smaller Carradice Bags

I was having the darnedest time figuring out which of the smaller Carradice bags I wanted. On the internet, they all look relatively the same size,  because the sellers maximize the size of the picture, and the Barley looks exactly like the Nelson. I have the Cadet, and would like something the same size, but with side pockets for keys and camera.

So I painted this little cheat sheet. As soon as I was done, I started looking at other bags, though.

watercolor reference for small carradice bagsAnd… I think the lowsaddle longflap is the step up from the Cadet. It’s (of course) not illustrated here, but it’s 15 liters, which SEEMS like it would be a Cadet with side pockets, which is exactly what I want, in green, for the front of the Quickbeam. I want the pockets for cameras and/or toolkits. I’m also considering a zipped roll to hang under the left side of my basket to hold a toolkit.

I like the bar-mounted saddlebag and basket combo. A camera or dozen eggs is isolated from the direct shocks from the frame, and when you put, say, a 12 pack in the basket, the bag simply rotates up to sit on top of the box. The only downside is that it’s more difficult to ride on the tops near the stem, which I never do anyway.


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10 thoughts on “Relative sizes of smaller Carradice Bags”

  1. I am convinced the Pendle is the perfect combo of size, form, and function. I have a few other bags, and even ones that have a larger capacity just don’t seem to hold as much stuff. In my Pendle everything fits, or I can stuff it in, and all my other stuff goes in the side pocket. It looks balance on my bike, and holds enough stuff for 24-hours of living.

    A six-pack, 6 oz of stinky cheese, and some crunchy crackers? No problem…and you can still squeeze in some chocolate in a side pocket.

    A quart of milk fits perfectly in one of the side pockets.

  2. Hi Philip

    I love your drawings, but unfortunately they don’t answer a question I have about these bags. Do the width measurements for the Barley and Pendle include the side pockets? (Sorry but it’s not clear from the drawings.) If yes, then what are the widths of the main compartments? Also, I assume the capacity includes the pockets. Is that correct?

    1. Hi Jerry,
      I believe the widths and volumes do include the pockets. I don’t know the main compartment sizes of the Barley and Pendle.
      The illustration is more for relative sizes between bags, than detailed info on each one.


  3. Nice! I like this… informative and visually appealing. As for bags, I seem to opt for the Barley when I’m going small, rather than the Pendle. They are close in size, but I like the metal d-rings of the Barley (and Lowsaddle) for strapping stuff on to the outside of the bag. That being said, I own a ridiculous number of Carradice bags, of almost every model, and they are all great.

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