Even fatter tire equivalencies!

Except… the fatbike/snowbike tire has a larger OD than anything else you can buy! Is this true?

559 (26″ mtb) 584 (650B/27.5″) 622 (700C)
92mm 76mm 56mm
92mm 76mm 56mm
743mm OD 736mm OD 734mm OD
3.8″ Fatbike 3″ 27-five 2.55″ 29er

Dialing back the fatbike tire, so we have some equivalencies. The 650B still drops out of this race.

559 (26″ mtb) 584 (650B/27.5″) 622 (700C)
87mm 74mm 56mm
87mm 74mm 56mm
733mm OD 732mm OD 734mm OD
3.45″ Snow 2.8″ DH 650B
2.55″ 29er

This might be taken as an argument for 24″ fatbike tires… a real fat snow tire in 24″ (iso 507) would be 507+90+90=687, or the same Outer Diameter as a 32mm road tire and a 2.5″ mtb tire.

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