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Here’s Mitch on Jason (Red Fox Bakery)’s boneshaker. He seems to be a natural.

I rode it. These things are really frickin’ hard to ride. When I got out in the street I knew I’d done something wrong. The thing wanted to throw itself under a car. I stayed in my lane through sheer force of refusing-to-die. There’s an anti-intuitive steering thing going on that I can’t quite figure out. It’s a little bit like a bad dream where you’re running but can’t get away.

You look at the oncoming car, but turning away from it makes you head toward it! Agh! Maybe the weirdness is related to the vertical steering axis, or the fact that you’re pedaling force is connected directly to your steering… Don’t know. Hated it. I had to jump off in the street and walk it back.

Jason told me that Red Fox does a Friday night pizza party at the Saturday market cob oven. Free get-together, and we’re talking about having a bicycle show there.

Friday Night Bike Party in McMinnville?

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