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Bontrager with matching bar tape

bontrager bar tape, originally uploaded by BikeTinker.

I’m really enjoying the ‘halfsies’ bar taping. I like it. It’s extra-festive. One roll of orange Newbaum’s, one roll of blue, with a little of each left over.

1999 Bontrager Privateer, On-One Midge bars, and Suntour bar-end shifters. I like the stem color, but it’s the chunkiest thing on the whole bike.

If I find a more graceful stem with similar rise, I’ll paint it blue, too.

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4 thoughts on “Bontrager with matching bar tape”

  1. Just saw your rig online as I was searching Bonty Privateer images. Starting to build up a frame into a drop bar fire road/ mellow single track bike. Have WTB dirt drops and a few stems that might be okay…. what stem dimensions did you settle on? Thanks
    Mark Flagstaff

    1. Hey, sorry to miss your comment. Lots of things going on, few of them blog-related. I think it’s 35 or 40 degrees, and 130mm? Winter Bicycles was looking at a custom stem to match the riding position of my other bikes, and thought I needed like 50 degree rise and 150mm stem. Currently my son is using the bike since his bike, the Gary Fisher Gravel Roadster, got stolen from school. The saddle is much lower for him, but probably not for long.
      I’d start with the tallest stem you’ve got, and go from there. The Velo-Orange “LD” Cigne stem was too tall and close for my needs.

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