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Christmas Lights Ross

After Kung Fu on Tuesday I stopped to take some pictures of the Christmas lights, and had to inclue the bike I’ve been riding exclusively, ever since I built the Alfine dynamo wheel.

With the big front bag I can easily carry my uniform and shoes, and the Nex fits perfectly in the side pocket, even with the adapter and 58mm Biotar. Man, I like this bike! It was my first fixie, inspired by Sheldon Brown, now more by Jan Heine.

The low trail geometry (steep headtube, long fork rake) really does handle better with the bag up front. Without it, it seems a little light, especially coming off the Quickbeam. This is an American copy of a French touring bike, I think, and I’ve gone with that. Even the saddle is French, an Ideale 2000.

I didn’t realize that girl was wandering through every photo. I think she might have been a little loaded.

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