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I visited the show with some friends – really nice to circulate, show each other stuff and talk about bag designs. I got some really nice feedback on my bike, which was gratifying, and met a fellow named Tony who had a really nice green-themed fixed gear in the Pimp’d area.

Jim bought a $10 “bucket pannier” kit – everything but the buckets. I think that’s a dynamite idea, especially if you’re buying by mail. Buckets are almost free, but not to ship. The guy said CityBikes carries them, too. Jim’s going to make some luggage that works on both his CETMA rack and his dual-sport motorcycle. I want to get some of that hardware to turn all kinds of weird things into panniers and rack-mounted luggage.

The show was much more about stuff than bikes, but there was a bike fashion show, guys on bikes jumping massive gaps, trials and roller racing. Also, there were some bikes. The standouts for me were the mixtes – English, Vulture and Linus. Vulture admittedly outside his normal range, “It’s not a one-speed 29er!” and English as well, being a time-trialist and HPV record-holder.  Linus – I just saw two of their bikes randomly parked inside.

And… I always love the bikes locked up outside. I think the Pimp’d bike part could be made much much bigger – basically indoor valet parking, with the valets ‘curating’ the churning show.

And, some bad pictures – I’m seriously shopping for a new camera (a NEX-3 or 5 for my beautiful antique lenses), but I don’t expect it to make my shots any better. I just like tools.


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