mock up of a tweed frame bag in a double-top-tube Rivendell bike frame

Rivendell frame bag mockup

I’m not just a bike nerd – I’m a Rivendell bike nerd. Grant Petersen, the owner of Rivendell, just put up a blog post that could be called “in defense of double top tubes.

Some people like the second top tube, some people hate it. Some people could go either way. I’ve been looking at them for a while, thinking it would be a great place to put a frame bag. I made a little mock-up, and I’d say that the idea of a nice bag between the two tubes makes me like the extra “undertube” a lot more.

mock up of a tweed frame bag in a double-top-tube Rivendell bike frame

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8 thoughts on “Rivendell frame bag mockup”

  1. That would be good space for tent poles, maybe a tiny fishing pole, and of course heavy linear tools. It is the perfect place on the frame to have dense metal things.

  2. I have been waiting for some spectacular frame bags in the rivish spirit. thanks for mocking it up. Now I want one, and I don’t even have double TT’s.

  3. I think you could have the frame bag, even without the undertube. Maybe you’d need more straps to keep it secure, it doesn’t seem like you’d need the extra-wide velcro numbers for “normal” use.

  4. With the bags I have made the depth is best around 5 or 6 inches. Any less and the usefullness of the bag will be reduced to tent poles and the like. Just think how much more you could get in there if you were using the space occupied by the undertube and frame pump. Frame bags 6 inches deep or so easily fit 2L platypus bottles, a dozen eggs, first aid kits and many more rectangular things. I suggest picking out the items you think you would like to stuff in there and then building the bags around them.

    I am often asked if I keep a fishing rod in my bag when people see it. I looked into it a bit and even a 4 piece fliy rod would be a tight squeez into the gap under my 60cm top tube, still looking for a shortish sectioned pole that does not cost a fortune.

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