Singular Gryphon

Singular Gryphon, originally uploaded by sshelby73.

This is a beautiful bike, and succinctly done.

The Singular Gryphon is one of three “highly desirable” bikes on my radar right now. There’s a bargain XL ‘blem’ frameset available from Singular right now:

You can paypal me donations toward it at “”. :^)

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2 thoughts on “Singular Gryphon”

  1. Save up your money! I’m getting my wheelset this week, so mine should come together in next few weeks. I had better cable stops added for a geared set up and a rear rack mount. P-coated in dark purple metallic. Love the pictures on Kern River trail. I have to get up there! ( 2 hour drive)

  2. Hi Mike – That’s great news! I would really love to see pictures of the bike when you get it rolling. It’s going to be stunning.
    Looking at the Kernville map makes me think a Hwy 99 road trip to LA would be something great. (99W runs 2 blocks from my house). The close-but-oh-so-far trail I want to ride is the McKenzie River trail. Hot springs, singletrack… That’s my goal for this year.

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