singular Gryphon

DSC_4699_1183_resize, originally uploaded by krashkatze.

I like this bike. It’s like a steel production version of a Matt Chester.

And Chester’s bikes and the Gryphon are both spawnlings of Charlie Cunningham. I shouldn’t have to mention that, but I’ve talked to people who love Flogging Molly and never heard of the Pogues…

If you disagree with that assessment, bring it.

Speaking of Matt Chester, it looks like he failed to renew his domain.

Oops. I hates me the linkfarmer registrars.

I feel like I’ve sent Matt a couple of envelopes over the last 10 years with $5 inside for the kickoff issue of his 700see blog. Maybe it’s time to send another one… Or the first one. Jeremy has the link to Matt’s new blog:

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2 thoughts on “singular Gryphon”

  1. Thanks for that link, Jeremy. I just read his post about the Cuban boxer movie. Chester’s bikes are my ideal, too. I feel like a tool to even want one (I have 3 really good bikes), and more of a tool not to have ordered one when I had money.

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