new belleville cranks, wald basket, Eco seat, LED light and mount

Steyr ladies’ bike for sale

Angelina has ridden this bike for about 13 years. She’s never had a drivers’ license, so this has gotten a lot of useful use, and a lot of useful upgrades.

50cm frame, $120 (shipping is extra, but I can deliver it locally from Portland to Salem). If you’re interested, please email me at philip (at) biketinker (dot) com, or use the contact form.

  • 3speed wheel, built up with a 1972 Sturmey-Archer AW from a Schwinn Breeze and new aluminum Sun CR18 rims. The front hub is a WTB grease-guard which matches pretty well (it’s fat and shiny).
  • Bottom bracket to fit standard square-taper cranks
  • New cranks and pedals – takeoffs from her new Trek Belleville.
  • Rear rack. Blackburn rack I bought in 1986 or so.
  • Front basket. Wald, from Rivendell, modified heavily to ride closer-in and lower-down. It puts the funk in function.
  • New saddle. “Eco” saddle, a takeoff from the Belleville. Very comfortable when dialed in.
  • Light. LED light and minoura fork-mount.
  • Bell. It has a sun-faded deer on it. Like Bambi, but without the copyright issues.
  • Grips – these are cork tape and corks. I will include the Eco grips, but you’d need to cut them down to make them fit.

The tires are dirty, but have plenty of tread. Your bike shop probably carries this size of tire (EA3, ISO 590, or  1  3/8″), so don’t worry.

These are the first wheels I ever built. They’ve held up really well for 7 years or so. I may never have tried wheelbuilding at all, except for these.  I kept replacing the horrible galvanized spokes on the original wheelset, until the last time, I started out replacing five and ended up replacing TWELVE SPOKES. I figured “if I can do that, I can build a wheel.” It ain’t rocket science. Rocket science probably isn’t that hard, either.

It’s a nice bike; it rides great. Highly highly recommended with the Bobike front-mount childs’ seat. My kid spent three years in one on this bike, riding 100s of miles. Put some panniers or fold-out baskets on the back, and you can shop the hell out of the Farmer’s Market.

A kind reader pointed out that Angelina wrote a blog post about this bike, under the title “Favorite Things: My Steyr Bicycle.

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3 thoughts on “Steyr ladies’ bike for sale”

  1. Did you sell your bike? I have one from the 1970’s (live in Portland too) and want to sell mine so I wondered if you got your asking price?

    1. I didn’t sell the bike. I had some “strong” interest, mostly from people who wouldn’t ride it, plus one request for shipping costs to the Midwest which I didn’t have time to deal with (I’m a bad person). My bike has some nice upgrades (BB, aluminum wheels), but no cute grips or rubber pedals. Good luck on your sale!

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