Bike Snob – livin’ the dream

This is a dream I had, not an actual interview. It seems more like it could be the Bike Snob’s dream, though, not mine.

I was interviewing him at his home, which was a vast open loft apartment with polished concrete floors, a cafe area near the minimal-but-luxurious sleeping area, multiple cool cars and a motorcycle in a workshop area next to the cafe.

We were conducting the interview across the hood of a ’62 Chyrsler Imperial, using it as a desk. When I asked the Bike Snob how it felt “to have so much awesome stuff,” he wriggled like a puppy. That was a little weird, even in the dream. Apparently he liked it.

There was also, suddenly, a bar with high-backed wooden booths and a stage for a band, which was setting up.

He was the lead singer and guitarist, and before he got up to play, he named off the five songs (ever) that had a heavier sound than his band. I had never heard of any of them. There was a big aluminum slider switch on the wall labeled with those same songs and band names, with the switch at the topmost position. I slid it down to the second from lowest and went to get my bike while the band started up.

I was packing my notebooks and camera into my bike bag and said, “now I have to ride my bike back to America… with no lights.”

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