Clipless Mary Janes?


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It turns out that one of our clients at my day job (Toy Store Website Designer) has a blog, which came up on the phone. “Oh you have a personal blog? Me too, it’s called I make bags out of inner tubes.”

“That’s cool! I have a blog called Bike Tinker. It’s about, um, about tinkering with bikes.”

“My housemate’s a bike mechanic! He repairs carbon bikes. Do you know anyone else who does that?”

Yes. But it’s a pretty rare skill!”

Anyway, it’s a funny small world, and I really like her shoe-remake, and I’m trying to get her cast off shoe tongues for bike mudflaps


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2 thoughts on “Clipless Mary Janes?”

  1. Me: I’d like to ship this package to Oregon.
    Post Office Employee: What’s in it?
    Me: Tongues
    Post Office Employee: You’ll need to fill out a form.

    1. You rule. I’ve got something for you, too.
      That reminds me of the (interminable) time I spent printing tee shirts (for the Imaginarium), covered with frogs or insects. A UPS driver realized he had 40 boxes each labeled “144 XL bees,” and pulled the truck over and called his dispatcher.

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