big planter in a wald basket

Comfrey on the Quickbeam

I am really happy I put the basket back on the Quickbeam. It just works for me, and tonight at Kung Fu, my friend Sue said she had a comfrey plant for Angelina’s Monastery Garden (herbs and flowers in a formal arrangement of raised beds). Last week, shed dug one up and put it on my car, but it disappeared in the 10 minutes it took me to get changed. “You have comfrey for Angelina?”

“I put it on your car.” Hmmm… not on car, not in street. Where could it be? I figure when people steal comfrey, the must really need it.

This week, she was like, “Uh, do you have a basket on your bike?”

“Yes I do!”

The stick jammed in there to wedge the planter into the basket is a training weapon, and held the pot in place for the couple miles home. So many uses.


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