cheese, mushrooms, beer and Child Food

Dogfood bike delivery.


38.5 lbs of dogfood, originally uploaded by BikeTinker.

This was my second grocery run of the day. Taking the car to the second store would have been wasting the 2 Mile Challenge, since the two stores are right next to each other. Go to one by car, shoulda gone to both.

The saddlebag holds four M6 hex screws. It should be holding some flea medicine, but isn’t.

The first run of the day was pretty good, too, since it involved a half-rack of beer and 6 bags of chips. Almost everything went into the saddlebag, some in the basket next to the beer, some in a bag on top of the beer case, and then the 6 bags of low mass, high volume Kettle chips in another bag out front.

cheese, mushrooms, beer and Child FoodThe cheese, mushrooms and beer are mine. Everything else is for the child. Even the coffee.

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