Ha! Old blogspot blog folded into the WordPress blog!

From now on…

Clicking this link »
Should now redirect to »

I used the “Import” button under the “Tools” menu to bring in all the posts. I deleted the non-bike posts (“The Truth About Circumcision” is no more), recategorized all the imported posts, and used the  Blogger to WordPress Redirection Plugin to make redirects on the blogspot blog.

Easier than I expected it to be. I almost forgot – I also added a “nofollow” to the blogspot blog, so hopefully Google will forget that content was ever there.

It makes me happy to clean up that outstanding stuff, and I’m pleased that the comments came over, too. If you commented over there, it should show up here, including what I think is Keith Bontrager complimenting my mountain bike…

I probably did break some links on teh internets, though, and I apologize.

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