Jethro Tool don’t fit Sturmey’s S3X

This is the series of stuff what don’t fit other stuff; what we call Esoteric Equipment Mismatches, or EEMs. In this episode, we realize that our kick-ass Jethro Tool, which I love except for the gratuitous and stupid bottle opener, does not fit the super-long nuts* on my Sturmey Archer S3X three-speed fixed hub.

This is me poking at it monkey-style. (“??”) The design of the Jethro Tool is very cool and interesting – the interior void is not one nut-shape all the way through; it’s two nut-shapes perpendicular to each wrench face that intersect in the middle. So it only works on nuts of normal track-nut depth, and the hypertrophied bell housing of the S3X is too deep to mesh with the wrench.

Ever since I switched tires (I got a sidewall cut riding with Scott and Chloe, and had to boot the tire with a dollar bill, which was the only tire-changing paraphernalia I actually had), I’ve had a heck of a time keeping the darned axle from slipping. I blame the pinner engagement of the anti-rotation washers, but the axle’s been fine for months, so I really don’t know.

Anyway, Jethro Tool no good for this application; I definitely need the 15mm line wrench I want. The cutout in the wrench would go over the cable, and the six-point engagement would keep from rounding the nut.

*That’s what Steve Albini said.

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