Lighting woes (soon to be woe-less)

For the last month or so I haven’t been riding to work or for pleasure after dark, because my main light was out. I bought new bulbs and a new lens, but it didn’t fix it.

Today I put the word out to the Rivendell group, and got nice deal on two replacement E6 halogen lights. One for the Quickbeam, to get it rolling with dual lights again, and the other for my wife’s Steyr.

I have an old bottle dynamo for her bike, but I’d need to gen up a mounting bracket. The ones I’ve seen are fairly sucktacular.

I want to switch over to an LED light like the IQ Cyo for my dynamo hub, but I have a bag of 3 watt halogen bulbs, and a (fairly small) number of bikes, so I think I’ll stick with the halogens for the next year. Maybe then get a Cyo for the Quickbeam and move the E6s to the less-used bikes.

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3 thoughts on “Lighting woes (soon to be woe-less)”

    1. Thanks so much – I’m using the one E6, and putting together another dynamo wheel for the other. I need to do a better job of documenting the mudflaps. Luckily I’ve got my Keens…

    2. Hey, Pondero – I like your blog, and your style of making a cup of coffee mid-ride. I need to make that happen for myself. The lights are working out genius.

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