supershort pump bracket mounted to a carradice dowel

Minipump mounted inside Carradice saddlebag

I got an SKS “Supershort” minipump in my stocking this year*, which was pretty excellent, since my old minipump is pretty old and doesn’t seem to work on Schraeder valves anymore.

minipump, bracket and hardware for the hack

The Quickbeam has a Schraeder front and Presta rear, so I only had a 50/50 chance of repairing a flat. Less, actually, since I usually get the pump (and gloves, etc) off the other bike and leave it on the counter. I want a kit on each bike, but I don’t like random, semi-expensive items bolted to my bikes.

minipump bracket, wood screws and spacers

I have a couple of ideas for tool-stowage, and one of them is to hang a bag from the dowel of a classic saddlebag (Carradice, Baggins, Schwinn, Karrimor, etc). I decided to mount the Supershort pump bracket directly to the wooden dowel, instead of sandwiching it behind the bottle cage on the seat tube.

supershort pump in a carradice bag - mount on dowel

What you’ll need (go back up to the top picture):

  • 2 small washers
  • 2 short wood screws,
  • 2 curved “brake bridge” washers (for mounting rear brakes)
  • Screw driver to match your screws

supershort pump bracket mounted to a carradice dowel

The small washers go between the screw head and the plastic mount to keep things solid. The curved washers go between the dowel and the mount. They match the dowel radius better than I thought they would, and add some depth so my 1″ screws only poke through the back a tiny bit.

mounted to the dowel

Make sure the attachment attaches in front, so you can get at it. On the next bag I do this on (oh yes), I will rotate the mount farther under the dowel, since there’s space back there. I may figure out a way to put a U-lock mount or toolbag in there as well.

Oh yeah – my saddlebags are almost always in the front. This one is hanging from the bars of the Quickbeam, in and over a basket. The Ross has a big Schwinn mounted to the rack, and the Utopia sometimes has a Baggins bag on the front.


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4 thoughts on “Minipump mounted inside Carradice saddlebag”

  1. “The Speedy Stitcher”Use this tool to add ” D” rings to bag {webbing + ring} I then use these + toeclip straps to attach rain gear etc. A key ring clip is another extra. “If the women don’t find you handsome,make sure they find you handy”! Red Green

  2. Great idea. I have my mini-pump at the bottom of my bag and I really hate the way it both gets beat-up and in the way. If I can find the original mounting brackets (um, somewhat doubtful unfortunately) I’ll be sure to give this a try.

    BTW, William, you heard of the VeloDirt guys. They sent an email with their 2012 event schedule last week. I thought it might be up your alley. I didn’t make it out to anything of theirs last year, but I hope to hit at least one for 2012.

  3. Thanks for the Velo Dirt link! I hope to make the Rapture, since it’s in my back yard.

    If you don’t have the mounting brackets, I bet you could screw a couple of velcro cable ties to the dowel. You’d want to cover the screw-heads with bar tape, and maybe run a bead of silicone along the inside of the ties so they have some gription on the pump…

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