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My new Kona P2 fork

On its way from SpeedGear’s eBay shop. It was exactly the length I needed, with no extraneous canti bosses. I’m going to put it on the Quickbeam.

speed gear used forkBahahahaah! No, really, it’s replacing a bitchin’ Rock Shox Metro hybrid fork on a project bike. If that bike doesn’t work out, this is still a fork I’ve wanted for a long time. Except the 26″ canti-post version, of course. This one is 18″ from axle to crown (463mm), disc-only, for a 29er. Steerer is actually longer than the current fork, so I might be sourcing more spacers. I don’t want to cut the steerer, since the kid’s only 10.

He might grow.

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