new Sturmey Archer S3X internals

Sturmey Archer’s U.S. rep got the parts to me in TWO DAYS, no questions asked. New internals for the S3X, and a new shifter because some of the first ones had been mis-indexed, and may have caused the problem in the first place.  I could have shipped the wheel to Napa, and the rep would have done the repair, but this seemed faster and more fun.  It kind of was.

I had to take it to Tommy’s to get the left cone nuts removed. They were on so tightly that I bent my old Eldi cone wrenches trying to remove them. I ordered a pair of Park wrenches for the future.

While I was there, Ben was like, “It’s out – do you want me to just put the new one in?” Umm, “yes please.” I was on my way to the Oregon Manifest party, and didn’t really want to be doing the operation in Chris King’s parking lot. Might’ve garnered some attention, but still…

I need to adjust the cones, I think. I read something on the internet about setting the right cones exactly, and then adjusting from the left, but didn’t want to get all “I read this on the internet” to a professional bike mechanic.

So I’m happy, the bike rolls well, it works in all three gears, and the slightly higher gear I chose when I put it back together is better for keeping up with traffic.

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