PedalNation PDX bike show in Portland

Does anyone else think it’s weird that Portland identifies itself by its airport code? Like the only thing going on is the entry and exit? Vancouver PDX. “Yo, Mill Valley SFO in the HOUSE!” Weird, but I should talk; I live in McMinnville WTF (“Did I really see an “88” sticker and VANITY PLATE on a big white truck?”).

My bike is going to be on view in the “amateur pit” this weekend at the PedalNation show in Portland.

PDX is the only… no, you can ride a bike to Oakland from OAK, too, but I’m not that certain of where Oakland is. It’s pretty trivial to leave the Portland Int’l Airport and suddenly be in the actual city, though, even on foot. The airport is a more integral part of the city than most I’ve experienced.

Anyway, I’m pleased to show off my bicycle, I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing the bikes and goodies (custom leather walnut holders?), and wandering around with beer with my friendses. I usually go to these things stag, much as I ride my bike usually alone, so I’m hoping for some character-building. It will probably be like my bike rides with friends – it usually only happens once. “You’re a dick. That wasn’t even a fucking trail. Do you LIKE carrying your bike more than riding it? Why didn’t you wait for me? What took you so long? I think you’ve never been here before. At least you came back when you heard me crash.”

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2 thoughts on “PedalNation PDX bike show in Portland”

  1. Nope, we don’t go by “OAK.” “Oaktown” sometimes and less frequently “The Town” a satirical take on the pretension of San Franciscans calling their berg “The City.” Most often Oakland is lumped with all the other cities on this side of the bay and generically referred to as the “East Bay.” I’m not aware of Oakland being referred to as “OAK.” But PDX, everyone know that. BTW: Oakland is the large place on the sunny side of the San Francisco bay, home of the ignominiously named “Golden State Warriors.” The only NBA team ashamed to use the actual name of their location in their title.
    Cheers from sunny Oaktown.

    1. I’ve flown in and out of Oakland many times, and been to Mama’s Royal Cafe and the Coliseum, and CCAC, but it seems so decentralized that I’m not sure where “there” is.

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