Pink Fenders for the Gravel Roadster

I need fenders for the Fisher Utopia, since it rains up here pretty much non-stop, and I’ve gotten used to riding and staying dry and clean. The trouble with the 60mm (53mm actual? I can’t remember) Big Apples is that they need giant-sized fenders. Sixty millimeter Berthoud Stainless fenders might work, but Planet Bike Cascadias look like the real choice, since they are 65mm wide.

EBay has some people listing Cascadias, but most of them are just selling at market value. But… I happened across a pair of PINK fenders for $20 (+$13 shipping). Hmmm. $33, and the best I’d seen elsewhere was about $45, with shipping.

And they’re pink, which is incredibly obnoxious. It looks like they were a limited edition Planet Bike run in 2007 or so, which somehow makes it less likely that I’ll spray paint them. It kind of makes me want to paint the whole bike pink.

…and it looks like the seller relisted another pair of pink Cascadias…



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8 thoughts on “Pink Fenders for the Gravel Roadster”

  1. I got a LOT of mileage out of my Quickbeam Green spraycan. It’s 7 years old, and finally empty. The pink is so punk rock it makes my day, though. I’ll probably mount the fenders, vomit a little, and then paint them. Or just sticker them like crazy.

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