2 thoughts on “Quickbeam at the Hotel Oregon”

  1. Sorry to hear about the broken S3X. After reading reports of the hub, I’m less enthusiastic.

    I’ve got a dorky hat because I enjoy shade more than fashion. Yours seems more fashionable than dorky to me.

  2. I’m less enthusiastic, too. The “lost” low gear seems pretty common. Without the low gear, a simple dingle is way lighter, and stress free. I’m going to replace the nut and rig some kind of quick release for the cable so I never have to touch the indicator chain adjustment (because I don’t know when to give up). I thought I’d use a “davinci cable splitter,” but my friend’s rickshaw has a qr splitter on the cable, so maybe I can find a purpose-built one.
    I’m right there with you on the shade-creation capability of a hat. It saved my bacon on a river float trip, and was just the ticket on this ride.

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