Rivendell Reader #43

UPDATE: CycloFiend has converted the Rivendell Reader “prerelease” of Issue 43 to a more manageable PDF format: http://tinyurl.com/rbw-rr43

Well… apparently some people are getting links to THIS in their inbox.

Not me.

I’m a little distressed, though. It’s the second time I’ve seen “it’s” for “its” in Riv copy. Maybe that’s the new spelling? Just go with the flow?

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3 thoughts on “Rivendell Reader #43”

  1. Even more egregious, when I clicked the link it resized my browser window (Firefox on WinXP).

  2. Ray – true. I’d just forgotten, since it’s been so long… :^)
    Allan – I’ll put the Cyclofiend mirror PDF link in there. It’s a lot easier to navigate.

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