S3X goes on its maiden voyage

Around the block and through the orchard with the dog. 35mm tire, 42×15.

47.5 57 76 gear inches.
3.6 – 4.3 – 5.7 in gain ratios (I’m finally trying to internalize gain ratios).

  • The backlash isn’t a feature.
  • The back lash is not a dealbreaker, yet.
  • Amazingly, the shifter just screws right onto the seatstay rack boss and shifts without turning. Thanks, Pants Pants!
  • If it comes loose, I’m certain a piece can be fabricated that will lock it down.
  • Already had to replace the shift cable, since I reorganized it mid-ride, but set it to ‘slack’ in gear 2, not gear 1. Or 3. The 1:1 high gear. Of course, I really cinched it down! Luckily, I used cables from the dead trigger shifters in the parts bin.
  • Even old Speedblend tires make the red hub look normal and sedate.


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3 thoughts on “S3X goes on its maiden voyage”

  1. How’s shifting on the seatstay while pedaling? Definitely a clean setup but seems like it would be a tad sketchy with your legs going round. If i had an S3X i feel like i’d want the bar-end shifter.

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