S3X gears I’m considering

Gear chart using Gear Inches

For 700 X 38 / 38-622 tire with 170 mm cranks and Sturmey-Archer 3-speed fixed gear S3X hub.

1.0 (1:1 direct drive high gear), 0.75% (reduction); 0.63 (Low)

40 tooth chainring, 15 tooth cog.
40×15 : 72.9 – 54.6 – 45.5

42 tooth chainring, 15 tooth cog.
42×15 : 76.5 – 57.4 – 47.8

44 tooth chainring, 15 tooth cog.
44×15 : 80.1 – 60.1 – 50.1


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3 thoughts on “S3X gears I’m considering”

  1. Dang. That is just about the same setup: .1″ bigger. I bet the 54 tooth ring looks a lot more impressive than a 44t.

    How is cruising in the 80″ gear? I bet it’s excellent on the downhill.

    I might still have a 52 to mate with an 18 (a hair bigger than #2 with 28mm tires, or a skosh smaller than #3 with 38s), but I’d need a new chain, or a master link and a few more links.

  2. I must confess, not much cruising in 80″.
    Mostly in 60″, unless down hill or the wind is at your back.
    Gusting to 50 mph today.
    That’s when you flash..”Is this what Mr. Armstrong feels like?”
    I like your idea of a sextingle.
    I have a dingle on another bike..Way easier than flipping the wheel for on/off road.

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