Superior tube cutter and 1' stainless tube

Stainless spacer for E6 light mount

My new thinwall aluminum M6 spacer for the generator light on the Nitto M12 rack deformed under torque, and wouldn’t hold the light firmly enough.

stainless is strongerI replaced it with a section of stainless tubing. It has a 5/16″ ID, so a 6mm (M6) bolt slides right through. Officially, the tube was marked Stock No. 7117, Stainless Tube, 5/16 x .028. You can probably scan the barcode right off the photo.

I also got a tube cutter, since I can’t find my small red one. This is a bigger one, since the other one may turn up, and the adjustment knob is easier to turn. It’s big enough to cut all the seatposts in the house, except the one I actually want to cut.

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4 thoughts on “Stainless spacer for E6 light mount”

  1. That stainless should get the job done. The tubing cutter comment about seat post compatibility sounded like how my tool-buying goes.

    1. I just thought it was funny – the one tube I’d like to take 2″ off of, and it won’t fit in the jaws of the cutter. I’m trying to make a bike last owned by a 6’2″ man fit a 10 year old boy. It’s a small frame, but a large seatpost. I’m going for a cafe racer look with inverted VO North Road bars. I think I’m also going to need a geared drivetrain in order to sell the idea to the kid.

    1. That’s pretty expensive. Like weed prices. 2 meters for $90… Even if I paid $5 for 1 foot, that would still be 3x as much. At that price, I’d rather buy a new LED light and make a spacer out of wood…

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