Dura-Ace track cog threading on after the splined cog - s3x

Sturmey S3X arrives!

Very exciting.

red S3X fixed-gear hub, originally uploaded by BikeTinker.

I wanted a black one, with a bar-end shifter, but they only come in 36 hole spoke drillings. The only option for a 32h hub with 120mm track spacing is the red one, and it comes with a thumbshifter. It shouldn’t matter, because I want to do the Pants Pants seatstay-mount with it.

I did see that since it’s splined for a cog, and also threaded to receive (supposedly) a freewheel, it might be possible to stack two cogs up for ‘dingle’ (sextingle, actually) setup. The splines appear to be cassette or singlespeed/BMX cogs, rather than classic three-tab Sturmey or Sachs internal-gear hub cogs.

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3 thoughts on “Sturmey S3X arrives!”

  1. somewhere in my parts bin is a shifter mount for an old cannondale 2.8 series frame.

    the downtube shift levers were not welded on, but were a bolt on affair.

    I should look and see if I have it laying around still, or you could swing by a local c’dale dealer and see if they have frame repair parts.


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