This stuff looks cool. I saw Sugru mentioned on Instructables, and had to check it out. I really like the handmade look of the Sugru website. Very low-stress website.

illustrations of various uses for Sugru, from their site.Sugru is moldable silicone that sticks to metal, leather, ceramics and glass, and cures into flexible, weatherproof silicone. It’s designed to help you fix broken things, or hack your stuff to make it better. People make stamps with it, too! It’s an open-ended substance, and I think the developers are interested in new uses. They give 5 packs away to the “Hack of the Month.”

Sugru can be used to add grip to slippery things. You can texture it. It sticks to itself and lots of other things. You can mold new shapes onto things, like grips or bumpers. You can plug holes, and repair cracks. You can customize the fit of shoes. It insulates, so you can use it on hot and cold things that you need to touch. It’s silicone, so it withstands extreme temperatures.

Bike uses for Sugru?

Has anyone used Sugru for bicycle repairs or hacks? I saw in a video one guy was putting it on thumbshifters. I could see putting a thin layer on metal brake levers to keep them from freezing the bejeezus out of your fingers.

Aha. It looks like a Friend of Sugru used it to create mounts for his bike bell, cyclometer, and rear blinkie.  Maybe also patching a hole in a fender (I have a couple of those, from moving the stays).  I really like the location of his bell – right on top of his mtb brake lever mount.

Another person fixed what looks like a Regal saddle with Sugru.

Get Sugru?

You can buy it from | And you can make it yourself out of pure silicone and corn starch.


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