Tightening and fussing

Tarzan tired.

Morning time, Tarzan take Boy halfway school, turn ’round when him feel sick like Sloth Bear. Take Boy back hour later when Jane say “WTF? Did he throw up?” Me say “No.” Me pick Boy up three hour later when him still feel sick.

Tarzan work. Tarzan make website. Tarzan eat so-so flauta and gummy tamale.  Tarzan talk on phone.

Tarzan do hard Kung Fu class, sweat like hippo when she dance opera “La Giaconda.”   Tarzan ride bike home slow.

Tarzan have beer. Maybe two beers, mess with bikes, write short post and go to bed.


Tarzan? Where did HE come from?

From reading the Far Side book with the Boy, probably. Maybe I’ll channel Captain Ahab tomorrow.

I fooled around a bit tonight, tightening the Quickbeam’s cranks, skateboard pedal decks and raising the chain tension. Still some lash in the hub, but a little better. The axle nuts were loose like I never tightened them.

I want a 15mm line wrench to tighten the S3X axle nuts.

I have a single-ended 5/8″ Proto, and something similar in metric would be pretty cool. The gap would fit over the shifter cable, and the six-point wrench would give a really good grip.

line wrenches are apparently also called 'flare nut' wrenchesI just put in a nice 40 minutes reading about wrenches and screw-head driving patterns. I didn’t know Phillips screws were SUPPOSED to cam out.

Tomorrow we go into Portland after work to drop the bike off at the PedalNation event, meet Angelina at Powell’s and go to the Kennedy School.

scan it with your fone. you know you want to.Tonight I started moving (reluctantly), Angelina’s old Wald fold-up baskets from her Steyr mixte to her oh-so-pretty Trek Belleville. I put bar tape on the painted rack at each of the attachment points and started squeezing the misshapen mounting bands into some semblance of shape, but realized they were too lame to use. I’ll buy some hose clamps on Saturday morning and get the bike ready to ride to the McMinnville Saturday Market. We get produce there from Growing Wild Farm and Denison Farm.

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