Utopia dragster

utopia, originally uploaded by BikeTinker.

The Gary Fisher rigged up for Max. With a longer stem and the seatpost extended, it fits me pretty well, but it’s supposed to be for my 10 year old. I’m going to de-un-singlespeed-ify it before I try to convince Max to ride it, though.

The Redline Junior has been his bike since he was 5, but now he’s 10. The Redline is highly recommended – I wish I had a 15 lb bike! Standover is very different, but I hope it won’t be an issue. The contact points are pretty close to the same between the two bikes; seat’s a bit higher on the Utopia, which is fine. Cranks are longer.

20 pounds with the new (used) Kona PII fork. Here’s how it looked when Jim owned it (cooler).

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