I might like my dog blog better…

quickbeam and dog, originally uploaded by BikeTinker.

You may not have seen this (why would you), but I save my dog pictures from flickr over to PitMix.com.
I stopped taking pictures on bike rides for more than a year, since it was always the same two bikes, the same dog, and the same trails, week after week.
Now I started again, and I’m glad. Looking back, I like how the small variations in season, setup and doggy age make each ride and each picture unique. It’s why I take the ride, why not make the picture?

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2 thoughts on “I might like my dog blog better…”

  1. Theme for an imaginary western, “A Dogs Runs Through It”. If you could capture that flash of joy , that “OH YEAH ‘ glance between dog and owner!There is a old movie sci-fi ‘Boy and His dog. Good blog , good dog!

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