caked mud

Muddy Bontrager

mud and leaves in the v-brake

I took the dog out through the orchard on the Bontrager, because the Utopia fender mudflap scoops up leaves. This is one of only two bikes in the house without fenders, and the other one has been retired.

caked mud

The dirt was just this side of mud, and exactly tacky enough to create a rolling explosion off the front tire as little earth clods got thrown up and out.

If I went fast enough, the rear tire would flip them over my head! Hours later I touched the back of my head, and came away with something nasty my fingers – agh! agh! Oh. Mud.

muddy bontrager

I think I should shift the levers up a little for a better ‘hoods’ position, but I don’t want to unwrap the bars. I’m pretty good at rewrapping, but it’s work. The shifter cables should be rerouted a little bit, too, since I can feel them through the cloth tape. The cork tape made a little ‘shelf’ over them, which worked, but now they’re just a ridge.

bontrager privateer with drop bars

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