Rivendell is having a Sale

Grant says it’s their first sale ever, which I think may be correct. Who would know better than him? These items are 30% off, which is a big savings, but the thing to note is that these are discontinued items that they’re clearing out, not to reorder. It goes until January 6th, but many of the goodies are already gone.

  • Redundant bells. Non brass bells are going away. If you like copper or steel bells, get them now. I don’t need a bell, but when I did, it was invaluable.
  • The SimpleOne. This is the successor to the Quickbeam. $800 for frame, fork and headset. I love my Quickbeam. It is a fantastic-riding bike, and I think the SimpleOne has a little more tire clearance, and a sweeter paintjob. It’s going away, it ain’t coming back, and it will never be cheaper.
  • The PlatRack. The PlatRack is a rack platform that attaches to an already-installed mini-rack. I love this idea. I believe it is my own original idea, but I never made one. This is a factual rack, honed by Mark Abele and Mr Nitto Himself.
  • The PlatRack’s sister sack the SlickerSack. This is a fancy flat-mounting bag like a big briefcase that mounts to thePlatRack platform, fitting perfectly. In a couple of years the PlatRack/SlickerSack combo will fetch $300 on the used market.
  • The ShopSack. A big simple bag for baskets. $45?? This may be the item I buy. Except they’re all gone.
  • The orange wool longsleevie. I’ve got one of these. I love it. I love the orange, I love the warmth. My cuffs got stained greenish, but that might just be me. Wool. Today was the first day in 6 weeks I didn’t wear one of my wool Rivendell jerseys under a tee shirt. I wore a giant wool sweater, instead.

Some of these things may be gone by the time I finish writing this (they are), since my friends are piling on, and report that things are disappearing before they can check out.

Rivendell Sale

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2 thoughts on “Rivendell is having a Sale”

  1. Too poor this week, and the things I wanted went fast. Which reminds me… my anniversary present is in the garage, and my wife is in Portland! Haha!

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