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If you’re in Portland, you should go see Adam Haynes’ drawings this Friday.

These are from the Nike 6.0 illustrations he did… backtrack*: Adam is a fantastic illustrator. He just did a Dirt Rag table of contents illustration, and rumor has it that he’s going to do a cover. His style is intricate black keyline over flat color – realistic, detailed, something like Geoff Darrow, except you feel good after looking at his work.

He also illustrated the labels for Deschutes“Red Chair” NWPA.

And… he did an Imperial Shit Ton of drawings for Nike. I think he scans the ink drawings, and the color is added digitally, so this is the first time you can actually see the original drawings. And I love original drawings. I like that they were inked by a real human, and I like seeing where a pencil line was bettered in the inking. I just like it. I think it’s because I was a “good draw-er” before I was ever an artist.

So the show is Friday, August 18, 2012, from 6 to 10, at Nemo Design, on Belmont. Should be a good turnout, even if you don’t go, but still. Go.

*More backtrack – his uncle owns the bike shop in McMinnville.

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  1. I was inspired to over-editorialize, perhaps. The hidden link tags are better than *’d footnotes, I think. I guess you could make a footnote anchor and do the same thing with asterisks – insert the text of the footnote as a mouseover in the link to the footnote.

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