“Share the Road” PSA from BikeTinker

Rules of the Road:

  1. Expect to share the road with bicycles.
  2. Expect to share the road with cars.
  3. Move predictably.
  4. Never attempt to kill or injure another person intentionally.
  5. Pay attention, so you don’t kill or injure anyone unintentionally.
  6. Stay aware of other peoples’ presence, speed and direction.
  7. Alert people to your presence, but do not startle them.

That’s it.

An article in the Press Democrat about a new Santa Rosa ordinance to protect cyclists. The attorney pictured has some really nice bikes.


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3 thoughts on ““Share the Road” PSA from BikeTinker”

    1. I had to stop reading them. I believe that most people who comment on news articles are either clinically stupid, or paid to troll the internet by the Koch brothers.

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