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Tire Pressure App a’comin’

**UPDATE: The Tire Pressure App is for sale on Amazon!

Some of your friends (Allan, Scott and I) have gotten together to make an Android app that will let you determine the optimum tire pressure for each bike in your garage. Fixing a friend’s flat on the road? A simple, “hey, Baby, how much do you weigh?”* and you’re off, punching in numbers on your phone like a real hero. And, ‘Hey, Presto!’* the optimum tire pressure for the bike.

A presta valve as the needle for a pressure gauge, with PSI and BAR readings

Anyway, that’s the icon I did for it, and I’m working on bike drawings tonight. If I told you how busy I’ve been for the last month, you’d be like, “So? You could still post. How hard could it be?”

This is the idea I started with. I could’ve saved myself a lot of time, I think…

presta valve PSI icon

*That’s a joke. Just guess at her weight and say you’re texting a friend.
** That would be a good name for the app! Or else that’s the two Torpedos talking…

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4 thoughts on “Tire Pressure App a’comin’”

  1. Hahaha! Sure am glad I didn’t see version 0.1 of the app icon until just now. I cringe looking at it. :-) Takes a secure man to reveal his throw-away’s.

    Quoting Amazon’s “Don’ts”:
    [Don’t] Add a wannabe iTunes app sheen (you don’t need to put a glossy 3D effect over your icon)

    To be clear, I think the the sheen on the current icon is totally appropriate. It harkens (or whatever the the design guys call it) to the glass on a real pressure gage.

    1. Step 1: Get some crap (free “app icon” glossiness file + draw a Presta valve in Illustrator)
      Step 2: Put those things together
      Steps 3+: Push them around until you have a better idea (Presta valve = gauge needle)
      Step 4: Polish it until you don’t hate it.
      Step 5: Get feedback (you and Scott)
      Step 6: Cash all the checks.

  2. I hesitate to ask, in case you’ve been swatting similar queries like mosquitoes in a blood lab, but any chance you’ll port your app to the Apple environment?

    1. There is a very good chance of that, since I don’t have an Android myself. We’re working doubletime on some educational apps we will release sooner, then plan to get into iOS, probably starting with the Pressure App.

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