Rivendell All Rounder – knobbies

Rivendell All Rounder, originally uploaded by jinx4.

Jinxed had a great story of trading his frame straight across for this All-Rounder. It looks so good with the fat knobbies! Super-nice XO-style monstercross. I have some envy. It makes me happy Schwalbe is sending me a new 60mm Big Apple for the Gravel Roadster!

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2 thoughts on “Rivendell All Rounder – knobbies”

  1. Thanks for the compliments gentlemen!

    Kirk – Sorry, just saw your question. I have no idea on the PPG code. It’s an odd color to be sure, and every picture makes it look more orange that it appears in person. I can tell you from some rock chips, that the base color is nearly a lime green with the pearlized yellow over top.

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